Reporting on time spend between individual status change

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  • Lou
    Community Moderator

    I'm no expert on reporting, so I'll dodge that specific question, but have you looked at the bump bump solve best practice? Could be useful in your case:

    Bump Bump Solve

  • Brandon Tahquette

    Lou We use that but the organization structure is one where we report data up to a corporate structure that is indirectly related in Zendesk. Each Franchisee is their own organization connected to the greater Corporate organization that meets with us and is asking for this information to prevent the case from going to a resolved status that results from bump bump solve. They are a demanding client, but the data is there. The problem is that explore only allows us to see total time in each status for the lifecycle of the case. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Thanks for adding this feedback, Brandon!

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