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  • CJ

    Hi Kiara, 
    It sounds like you're looking to separate these out for reporting. If this Explore reporting, what might be easier for you than creating more groups, is using a filter for "ticket channel" and excluding "Chat".  That would make it easy to find similar tickets to a non-chat ticket, without a lot of extra setup. 

    If this is through search and not Explore reporting, you can use the search options to do this too still. Here's an example search: 

    -via:chat tags:P1_escalation "printer on fire"

    This is going to return all tickets with a tag of P1_escalation, NOT started via a chat (that's what the minus sign is doing), and containing the phrase "printer on fire" in them somewhere. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Kiara, and welcome to the community! If you're wanting to look at chat tickets specifically, you could create a View using Channel is Chat to narrow down the tickets: Creating views to manage ticket workflow

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