Why would I use RingCentral Integration instead of Zendesk Talk?


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  • Shannon Pesta
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Doug! Welcome to the Community! 

    The pros and cons of using Zendest Talk over the RingCentral integration are mainly based on preference. RingCentral integration does require the additional purchase of our Talk Partner Edition add-on and is considered a third-party integration. Whereas Talk is included in Suite plan pricing. Also, we can provide support as it is a Zendesk product. 
    You can certainly purchase new numbers when switching over to Talk. However, if the concern is losing the existing RingCentral number(s) you may want to consider porting over the number(s) to Talk. That way your numbers, call functionality, and billing are all managed within the same place. For more information on the porting process, check out the article: Porting numbers for Zendesk Talk
    Hope that helps! 

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