Allow trigger conditions to be exclusive

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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Stephen,
    What you're requesting is actually the way trigger (and automation) conditions work today: all of the "All" conditions must be true, and in addition to that, at least one of the "Any" conditions must also be true, for the trigger or automation to execute its actions. There some more detail and an example here: Understanding trigger conditions and actions
    If you've seen behavior different than this, can you provide an example? Otherwise, it may just be that we could do a better job making clear in our admin interface how the All and Any conditions interact with each other.
  • Stephen

    One of my staff has graciously already compiled a list of tickets demonstrating this issue. 


    In each of these cases, we have a trigger with conditions to assign a ticket to a particular member of our team if it uses a certain form and has a specific value in a field contained on that form. Additionally, there are conditions defined so that the ticket must also have any one of a list of values in a separate field. 
    In spite of this trigger, the tickets listed above did not have the trigger applied, even though they satisfied the conditions of the trigger at the time of their creation. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks Stephen, I'll have our support team take a look with you.

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