Is it possible to delete a ticket's organization?


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  • Raphaël Péguet -

    In fact I am hoping that this is possible but I guess no because tickets are permanently related to the user and the user to the org (such as that when you put a user in an org his/her previous tickets goes to this org automatically).

  • Evelyne
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Raphael,
    Thank you for reaching out and asking your question in our community. As you mentioned above, the ticket's organization is linked directly to the requester's organization and cannot be changed manually or through API. 
    In order to remove a ticket from an organization, you will need to remove the requester from the organization as well.
    However, you can manage which user's access to the tickets in their organization so that not all the users can see all the tickets in the organization. You can set up a shared organization to allow all end-user's access or you can you can grant this privilege to a select group of end users. To do so, set the org to Can view own tickets only, then set individual users to Can view all org tickets in their user profiles. The user permission in that case overrides the organization-wide setting.
    Please, see this article for more information about this: Creating organizations.
    All the best!
  • Sebastian

    This is weird. Most of our users do not belong to any organization. They can create tickets without chosing an organization. But it is not possible to set other tickets to that non existing standard organization?

    Also once a user has one or more orgas, that he is part of, there is no way to chose no or the hidden default orga.

    This is annoying since user have to chose an organ despite the orgas only might be needed in other brands.


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