Which web browser for Agents to achieve lowest CPU usage and longest battery runtime?

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  • Frédéric

    Interesting question! looking forward for some replies!

  • Justin Beeler

    I've been experiencing very high CPU usage from the Zendesk Agent tab I have open in Chrome for years.  They desperately need to invest some time in the optimization of the Agent interface.  I get that there's a lot going on, but not nearly as much going on as the CPU usage indicates.   I keep activity monitor open half the time and kill the "Google Chrome (Renderer)" process that has 16-20% CPU usage.  Each time, I play a little game and think to myself, wonder if it will be Zendesk this time - and guess what - it ALWAYS is.

  • Holger

    The 20% CPU usage (of all 6 cores on the Macbook) is also the magnitude I usually saw on Chrome for the agent pages, often even more, up to 25%. That's why I switched to Safari first and then to Firefox. 

    To put the 20-25% into context: A video conference consumes about the same CPU on that Macbook.

  • Dan Vacca

    I had ZenDesk take down my machine because I had some changes I didn't want to loose and was putting up with the delayed graphic rendering in MacOS.  Eventually, my machine became completely unresponsive and had to be hard-rebooted.


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