Sandbox environments do not reflect prod

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  • Kai B

    +1 to this. We have several ongoing large scale projects to integrate systems into our sandbox. During this time, we are also making BAU changes to our live environment - as we don't put everything into the sandbox as there is no push to live, meaning we'd have to build out everything twice. 

    I want to refresh my sandbox without impacting the build on the integrations so they have a live like environment to work and test on (avoiding potential risks to cutover), but this is not possible because the only way I can refresh is to delete my current environment and create a new one

    Ideally this could be solved by having an auto replicated pre-prod environment which is used for final testing and the ability to promote changes from sandbox to pre-prod to live. Appreciate that's a big ask, so for now I would settle with the ability to refresh the sandbox to capture new configuration


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