Adding voting buttons to help center articles - without using Copenhagen Theme

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  • Ahmed Zaid
    Community Moderator

    Hello Dayton,

    You can do so using vote curlybars helper in your template. Example:

    {{#with article}}
    {{vote 'up' class='article-vote-up' selected_class='article-voted' role='button'}}
    {{vote 'down' class='article-vote-down' selected_class='article-voted' role='button'}}
    {{vote 'label' class='article-vote-label'}}
    {{vote 'count' class='article-vote-count'}}
    {{vote 'sum' class='article-vote-sum'}}

    More details here.

  • Dayton Matsushima

    Hello Ahmed,

    I have tried implementing that code into our Article page, but found that I could not see the voting buttons in Preview mode. Are there any extra steps or settings that I may be missing to implement the code correctly?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Dayton,

    This would need to be addressed by applying both Guide helpers curlybars for those buttons and you'll need to make your own CSS styling and button icon images.

    For more details regarding CSS, please click here.

    Hope this helps! Thank you!


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