Custom Role should be able to create/edit bots

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  • Alison Cook

    +1 - Administrative access for something like AnswerBot flows is unacceptable. Custom roles should be able to solve for this.

  • HP Canwell

    Similarly, we have a dedicated team, separate from our ZD admin team, who historically have owned the bot admin work in our current ZD-compatible solution (Solvvy).  Inability to have that team pick up that same work in ZD is a significant headwind to our adopting the native ZD bot solution and realizing the synergies that solution offers within the platform.

  • Lydia Forsyth

    I agree with this, our team leads are the experts on how to respond to end users with the bot flow builder, not the admins in Zendesk. Please add the ability for custom roles to be able to edit and manage the Flow Builder bot.


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