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    Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Rina,

    Apologies for you have to create a new post here. We do keep on updating the posts with recent comments even if it was answered.

    Thanks for patiently waiting. We have recently launched Idle timeout functionality for Omnichannel Routing. 

    In summary, With idle timeout, you can cause inactive agents to be set to Away or Offline after an idle period of your choosing.

    Here is the product announcement and here is the detailed documentation. 

    And if you are using omnichannel routing agent will become Offline when they logout or 3-4 minutes after they close the window. One limitation to highlight though is with Omnichannel routing, ability for admins to change agent statuses of different agents is not yet there.

    Note: This functionality is only available for the customers who use omnichannel routing. If you are not using omnichannel routing, below mentioned articles might be a good start. These articles mention the details, benefits as well as the limitations of omnichannel routing- 



  • Rina

    Taylor Van Valkenburg, Sydney Neubauer, Brenda Piersak - tagging for visibility on original post that's already closed as 'answered'. Hope my new post helps us to get an update!

  • Rina

    Thank you Rohan Gupta - any chance you can schedule an update once omni-channel allows admins to also change other agent's status, that you mention is missing currently?


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