How to receive email notification upon assigned to me (Trigger setting)

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  • Georgi

    I struggled with the same before. Everyone suggested the Notify app:

  • Chandra Robrock
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    For your first question, would adding a Brand is / is not condition to your triggers work for your needs? 

    In terms of your second question, the Assignee | Is not | (current user) prevents this trigger from firing if an agent (i.e. the current user) assigns the ticket to themselves. For example, if an agent is viewing a ticket and clicks the take it link, this condition is not met. However, if someone else assigns a ticket to an agent or if the ticket is assigned by another means (i.e. trigger), then this trigger will fire to send the Assignee an email notification.

    You could always remove that condition though. It would just mean that individuals would receive an email notification, even if they assigned the ticket to themselves.

    I hope that helps!


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