Populating Problem Ticket Subject in Explore

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  • Anselm Engle

    This would be HUGE. Right now, we're doing a scheduled export to a Google sheet, then doing spreadsheet magic to get the data that way, and then inserting that into a document to create our dashboard. It's cumbersome, and it would be fantastic to be able to do all this in Zendesk, instead of elsewhere.

  • Mila Suthakar

    I have no idea why this isn't already a thing - I've been trying to pull Subject in, and it's terrifyingly difficult!  To have to export and vlookup is not actually helpful.

  • Frank Ferris

    100% agree this should be available in ZD reporting

    A good alternative solution is to export the data into a spreadsheet where you can take advantage of easy formulas and flexible reporting to build out this view. Coefficient (disclaimer I work here) offers automatic data imports and refreshes from ZD into Google Sheets. 


  • Irina Gorelik

    I was taken completely by surprise that this wasn't already supported. It seems so obvious that the problem ticket subject would be the descriptor of what the incident is about.

  • Jill Bragg
    Zendesk Luminary

    Is this something that's going to be added? Seems like a reasonable ask, & it'd make reporting on problems/associated incidents so much more useful. Thanks!!

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jill!

    No updates as of yet but we will keep you all posted if it will be possibly added in a future road map!
  • Keshia Coriolan

    Hi All, 
    Is this already on your product roadmap or not at all? We use problem tickets for bug reports and track how many customers report the same bug. Right now, to gain this information and understand what to prioritize based on impact, we have to write each problem ticket ID manually, subject into a spreadsheet and go through our backlog every week by looking up each ticket to see what the number of linked incident tickets to that bug are. It's a very tedious process and inefficient use of our time when this could be done through reporting. 

    I would also add that it would be super important to be able to filter by Problem ticket status so we can pull for example problem tickets that are in Open status. Thank you!

  • Marius Wilhelmi

    Since we also work with the problem ticket workflow, maintaining Explore dashboards about problem tickets is quite a pain. Since the ticket subjects cannot be automatically populated in Explore, our Explore specialist has to continuously add the titles by hand, e.g. in the legend of a graph, otherwise, no one can make any use of these dashboards. I hope for an update regarding the future roadmap since problem tickets are such an essential feature and something we need to closely monitor in our dashboards.

  • Kate

    Any updates Zendesk? This ask has been requested since 2020, at least (see other feedback post sitting at 74 votes: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4409217044250-Problem-and-Incident-tickets-need-a-way-to-view-the-subject-and-detail-of-all-incident-tickets-against-a-problem-ticket-or-vice-versa) 

    This is desperately needed.


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