Explore error code readability

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  • Annie Baker

    I agree, I'm having this same issue with no context as why

  • Dan R.
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    I just got an answer from Support. I had opened a ticket on Feb 23rd, so this took almost two weeks when a simple readable error code would have saved both myself and Sonny,(the awesome support agent who helped me) all this time.

    According to Zendeskian lore, the_e becomes displeased if you attempt to apply an Explosion to a report and the resulting data exceeds 30 values. Filtering the data beforehand to reduce below 30 values will solve the issue. In my case, I was applying the Explosion before fully filtering by other elements and because the error kept appearing, I wasn't able to continue. 


    Zendesk, this was all avoidable! Please fix the errors to be helpful to the user!



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