Total Sum count the same (even when I sort results for Top 20 or All Results)

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  • Matthew Kentala

    This is definitely a bug in my opinion.  

    Expectations: The sum should reflect the data that is displayed, period. The top/bottom manipulation in this case is expected to function as a filter for people that actually use reporting for business purposes.  

    Actual results: The sum shows the total amount, including data that is not displayed.

    The Top/bottom attribute used to work for this, but that option was removed (post).

    Being able to see the total is good, but it's only useful if you know the sum of what you are viewing.

    This issue should be considered a bug and the feature request should be to add an option under the result manipulation for top/bottom to show the total for the metric data (see screenshot below).


  • Tony
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Matthew.
    I understand your expectations differs from the actual outcome of the feature. I thank you for taking some time to report this to us. Your feedback helps us grow – thanks so much for sharing it with us.
  • Chris H
    I do have a work around for this. Instead of using top/bottom you can use a sort of value descending with a sql options limit set to 10. This will get you the top 10 largest values and the totals calculation will work properly.

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