Zendesk Developer Users Group: Friday, March 31st, 2023

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  • Lila Kingsley

    Hey Zack,

    Hopefully you see this as it's not finding you for an @mention.  I just saw in the what's new recap email that there is now a changelog for the Developer site--think we talked about wanting to see something like this in the March meeting so wanted to pass it along in case it is news to you.   

    From the email:  "The Changelog captures significant changes, additions, fixes, deprecations, removals, and betas and EAPs related to Zendesk APIs and SDKs, and the list is filterable by event type".  


    And DRAT, I somehow missed the 4/28 meeting!  Looking forward to catching up with the recording later.  

  • Zack Olinger

    Hey Lila Kingsley!

    I did receive an email notification about this comment without the @mention. :) 

    Thanks for bringing this back to my awareness! I will make it a point to include that information in the posts and emails.

    I am working on crafting the post and email from the 2023-04-28 meeting now; I will be posting the article and sending the email out later today.

    Thanks Lila!

  • Morgann

    I wanted to express my gratitude to all our members for making our first Zendesk Developer Users Group meeting a resounding success! It's fantastic to see the enthusiasm and engagement from this community.


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