Drop-down limitations (options truncated) in flow-builder / messaging

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  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Tim,

    Have you tried using the Present options step to group the counties into regions to do an initial triage, and then provide dropdown fields once the end-user has narrowed down their region?

  • Tim G

    Hi Lisa!

    Yep that's definitely one workaround, but I think there'll land up being more than 20 countries per sub-group if we did e.g. EMEA/APAC/AMERICAS etc. Unless we started splitting out into even more finer-granularity like "North Americas, Europe, Africa etc..."

    But... wouldn't that then have a flow-on effect of meaning that the actual data would be in one of e.g. 3 different 'country' fields (EMEA Country, APAC Country, AMERICAS Country etc), so we'd then have to show all three (or more) country region fields on the left in the fields panel for agents. And then also there'd be a big headache for reporting, trying to quickly report on the 'country' field would mean merging however many country fields, into one.

    The reason we're keen on removing the 20 limit, is because then the customer can select their country (they normally just type the first letter of it, like in the create-ticket form, so it's easy to do) - and then our agents see the country field already populated for reporting purposes - no need to manually enter anything from an agent point of view.

    Not sure if that helps clarify what we're after - and apologies if I've misunderstood the suggestion - we're happy to try things if they make it easier for our agents and customers!

  • Tim G

    Just as an update to this, looks like at some point, this has been increased to 100 options in the list, rather than 20! Which is definitely an improvement, however still gives us quite a few stumbling blocks especially around the 'Country' field for us, which gives us issues. There are workarounds, but all of which produce headaches for auto-filling forms for the agents, and reporting aspects etc.

  • Afton Rupert

    +1 - we are encountering the same troubles with a country field and having the limitation stop us around "S". The workarounds offered do not provide a good user experience when navigating through the widget so we'd love to see this expanded. 


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