Append values to multi-select field via Update Ticket API

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  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    Hey Stephen, you could use either the Add Tags or Update Many Tickets endpoint and pass the tags of that multi-select field in the additional tags property.

    Have a read on Protecting against ticket update collisions and Adding tags to tickets without overwriting existing tags.

  • Stephen

    Hi Rafael Santos

    Thanks for the response.

    I had noticed that the Update Many Tickets API was available - this might be a silly question, but are you aware if there are any problems with using this API when you are only updating a single ticket?

    I will look into the Add Tags endpoint to see if that will work - I was hoping to do this in as few API calls as possible and part of the Update Ticket call I am making also includes an internal comment.

  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    Stephen, although not a problem, when using the tickets/update_many endpoint one has to keep in mind that it enforces safe_update: True, and that there's a rate limit for queued job statuses to Update Many Tickets or Update Many Users. Rate Limits > Job Limit

    It's recommended to aggregate your requests in Bulk / Batch whenever possible, and to have one's app/service monitoring the job statuses queue as to prevent running into limits. Job Statuses

    As for the safe_update part, one should have a handler for when requests return a 409 status code. Checking if the ticket was not updated


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