Is there a way to set that when a light agent makes an internal note on a ticket, it will set the ticket to open (if it is on pending or on-hold)?


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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hi Alex Coburn Davis (he/him),

    I haven't tested this or gone through any possible conflicts, but I thought this trigger may help:

    Let me know if it works out.


  • Brandon Tidd
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    Hey Alex Coburn Davis (he/him) -

    I can confirm this is the recommended workflow.  We've been using it for years!


  • Alex Coburn Davis (he/him)

    Thank you Ahmed Zaid & Brandon Tidd!

  • Samuel Cho
    Zendesk Luminary

    Can confirm this works as designed!

  • Stephan Marzi
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    Dear Alex,

    I am also using triggers like the shared one, but I am adding follow-up makers as well. You can use the different ones for internal or external updates in combination with setting the status to "open". Please do also not hesitate in using tags in order to avoid a loop!

    Using the follow-up symbols will also give you the possibility to show the follow-up marking in the views of every agent. In combination of status and follow-up the agent will be in the position to see in the view that there was an internal or external update in the comments of the ticket.

    Regards, Stephan


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