Jumping from parts to parts within an article


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  • Patrick Morgan

    If you have any comfort with basic HTML, you can use an "anchor link" to accomplish this. Here's a nice tutorial.

    If you're not comfortable with poking around in the code editor, you can consider using headings in your content to your advantage. You create links to specific headings using the Insert/Edit Link form in the guide editor.

  • Leo Lenk

    Thanks a million Patrick, I will check that right away.

    Will let you know about the outcome

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing that resource, Patrick Morgan!

  • Leo Lenk

    for the records, I've just tested the "jumping anchor link" among those others in your tutorial, and it worked (at least on sandbox, but that's a nice starting point).

    Again, thanks Patrick Morgan


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