How can I make comment (Private/public) mandatory before updating a ticket?


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  • Kat

    We have a similar requirement, but our agents need to leave an internal note after every interaction with the customer, so would also be interested in getting a solution like this in place.

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Karan,
    There is no native setting in Support to require a public or internal comment in order to solve a ticket. Two potential workarounds that came to mind are to either create a trigger that re-opens tickets when agents solve a ticket without a public or private comment or to create a checkbox field that is required to solve that agents would select to confirm they've added a public or private comment.   

    I've attached a screenshot showcasing an example of what a trigger in the first solution would look like. Additionally, this would be a great topic to post some Product Feedback in our community for our Product Team to review. This article below goes over how to leave Product Feedback at Zendesk: Giving Product Feedback at Zendesk
    Thank you!

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