How can I share feedback for the Sandbox Deploy Automations closed beta?

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  • Kerry Charlton (Appamondo)

    When deploying from the sandbox to production, the tool appears to use the naming descriptions for dependencies. Would it be possible to understand how the tool matches configurations, is it through naming descriptions?

    I only ask, as we deploy from sandboxes to production on a regular basis and sometimes the naming conventions may not always be the same. They may be updated in production at a later date.

    The deployment tool within the admin center, when a dependency issue is found, and you have the option to create the dependency in production, it would also be helpful to be able to match to an existing one, maybe by using the name or ID.

  • David Hall
    Zendesk Product Manager
    Hi Kerry, thanks so much for a the feedback.
    Yes that's correct, when dependencies need to be matched we look for the same type of entity with the same name (e.g. a Ticket Field of type date and the name  Renewal Date).  It's a case-sensitive match.
    Re how this relates to names changing over time, there are a few different possible scenarios:
    When the Sandbox is first created we copy across Triggers, Automations, and dependencies and we establish a link between the equivalent entities (a mapping of their IDs).  For these entities, we no longer need to do a name check because a definitive link already exists.
    • From then onwards, changing the name in either environment won't break that mapping.  However, please note that if the name of a Trigger or Automation is updated in Production but not the Sandbox, when you make a deployment the old Sandbox name will overwrite the new Production one (i.e. it's not currently possible to maintain different naming of equivalent Triggers and Automations through Deployments)
    • For new Triggers and Automations that are created in the Sandbox and then deployed to Production (creating a new Trigger or Automation in Production), the deployment process creates the ID mapping, and that same behaviour will apply from then on.
    • For new Triggers and Automations that are created in the Sandbox and then manually created in Production, we do not currently attempt to match them up by name.  A subsequent deployment of that business rule from the Sandbox will create a duplicate in Production.
    Thanks also for the feedback about the option to choose your own match.  We're looking to build upon the current functionality over the next few quarters and will certainly take that into consideration.  Please feel free to add any addition feedback about the matching rules I've outlines above, in particular I'm keen to understand how important maintaining different names for things between Sandbox and Production is important to you.

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