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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager


    Thank you for your question. 

    -In 2023, we are currently prioritising resources to allow for a team lead to change the incoming ringtone (for all agents using a line)

    -In 2024 we will be overhauling our call console which will include ringtone customization (i.e., agent can change their ringtone and volume)

    Thanks for your patience.


  • Clinton Wilkinson

    Hi Sean, are there any additional changes to be made in 2024? This one issue is for changing the incoming ringtone. Our team would very much like this too, however we have noticed that there seems to be a sound volume issue with both the incoming ring and the incoming call volume. The volume is very low and requires agents to set windows sound to at or near 100% for incoming calls. However this makes the sounds on the rest of the computer very loud. We then also noticed when making an outgoing call that the sound must be turned way down to 40-60%. So it would seem the incoming ring, mic and call volume is not configured the same as the outgoing calls. The Outgoing works as expected, its too bad most of our calls are incoming so we often have to fight with the volume levels for ZenDesk.   


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