How do you gather Feedback that comes in your tickets?


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  • Mark Leci
    Zendesk Luminary

    Anastassia have you considered using CSAT surveys for this purpose, or are you already using those and the intent is to gather feedback from the agents in addition to the CSAT survey? 

  • Anastassia

    Mark Leci We're already using those to gather feedback on our agent's interaction 

  • Mark Leci

    That makes sense for sure. What are your requirements for this function? Do you need it to be reportable via zendesk? Does it have to be linked to the ticket? Would you prefer a form or something that's free text? Also is the root idea here collecting suggestions on how to improve your product, how to train agents, how to help specific clients, improve processes or something else (or all of these!)

    I have a few ideas but it would be helpful to know what your definition of success is here. Sorry for all the questions haha.

  • David Sarnowski
    Customer Success

    Anastassia, this could be a great use case for Side Conversation tickets. This would allow you to create a dedicated ticket with the feedback that can be assigned to the Product team. Side conversation tickets are linked back to the parent they came from so the Product team could easily navigate back to the original ticket that included the feedback (although agents can copy original ticket comments to the Side Conversation child ticket.

    Taking this approach would let you start to report on important questions like:

    • What percentage of our tickets include feedback?
    • Does a particular segment of our customer base provide feedback more than others (and should we be proactively reach out to segments that are not being represented)?

    Mark Leci is spot on asking for more details about the goals to help frame the overall approach though.

  • Jonathan Beirne

    If I’m understanding your problem correctly, we had exactly the same.

    To pull actionable insight from our thousands of tickets, we run them through a tool called Chattermill. We analyse what our customers are saying and how they feel about it in that tool really easily.

    Have you also considered Zendesk AI? We also have that and we use it alongside Chattermill. This also provides theme and sentiment analysis.

  • tim.sulzberger

    Hi Anastassia, I’ve got a couple of suggestions that you might be interested in. A few options I’ve used:
    - create a custom feedback field for users with cascading, nesting fields. Using the “::” when creating and tagging your fields. Ie Product A feedback::too complicated to use. Then your users can select a predefined list of cascading values for product feedback that can be reported on in a structured way. This leads to capturing the key drivers, and the key painpoints of those drivers.
    - Create a custom comment field for the unstructured feedback. Use the API or an automation to send the detailed, unstructured feedback from a custom comment field through to a product managers slack channel. Often the nuggets of insight are in the unstructured comments and product researchers may enjoy using there own research patterns to analyse the unstructured data
    - use an AI data analysis tool such as Amazon Contact Lens or Relevance Ai to examine the unstructured data for themes, keywords, sentiment. Good for identifying themes and multi layered problems (problems that go beyond just selecting 1 feedback issue per case), Also good for keyword analysis

  • Brandon Tidd
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    Another suggestion is to add a 'Product Feedback' checkbox for your agent to select on solve, then create a view / report with these tickets for the team to review on a regular cadence.  

  • Ifra Saqlain
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    Adding a community forum is also a good approach.Creating a forum is only one time work. You don't need to add much features but add product feedback section foreach of your all products, add text (named Feedback and link that to comunity forum) at the top of your product, whenever customer want to give feedback he/she will click on Feedback link and redirect to your feedback-community-forum for giving feedback. You and your team can see the feedbacks at the same time and share your opinions on every feedback with each other as well. You can reply to customers. Ex. Zendesk Community Forum.

    Also, you can use NPS surveys.


  • Grace Maxon
    Customer Success
    Hi Anastasia! 
    Thank you for your question! Were you able to find a good system for recording customer feedback? 
    All of these suggestions made in the community are wonderful, and I particularly want to call out David's suggestion to use Side Conversations and Tim's suggestion of a custom field for product feedback. 
    We also have two great blog posts covering this issue: Customer feedback: 7 strategies to collect and leverage it and Customer feedback management guide: Best practices + tools; I highly recommend checking these articles out for further inspiration. 
    Thanks, and have a great day!

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