Audit Log: Add filter for when Activity is Suspended

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  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 there are a lot of limits for filters in the audit log as it states - this should definitely be a must.

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hey Ryan, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. This has been logged for our PM team to review. For others who may be interested in this feature request, please continue add your support by upvoting this post and/or adding your use case to the comments below. Thank you again!
  • Ryan Winkler
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Ryan (and Sydney Neubauer!)

    Audit log PM here -- Just wanted to pop in and say that I have indeed received this feedback, and looking into our gaps of our filters more -- No promises or timelines yet, but I just wanted to reinforce that we're making development decisions based off of what we hear, when we can, and encourage you to provide as much context or impact as you can!

    To dive into this more --- Is the overall outcome to determine who suspended what? or is it to further identify  specific agent behavior in the moment? Which aspect is most important?

    Is there anything specific about the activity that you are looking for, rather than the activity itself?

    Any and all context and details or asks are very interesting and informative, so please share as much as possible (and thank you so much for taking the time to provide the insight! I greatly appreciate it).

  • Ryan Boyer

    Hi, Ryan Winkler. The most important filter to have on the UI is to be able to filter by Activity "Suspended". This is not currently an option to select.

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    Ryan Winkler

    We primarily look at the "WHO" did what. It is important because there are so many Agents in our system that when something breaks, more than likely, it is because someone changed something and we need to know who and when - so we can revert the changes and inform the party to not make changes. And then ensure that we have an outage window of impacted tickets.


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