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  • Improve Zendesk guide article editor tools

    The editor is very basic. I would love to see buttons introduced that simply insert a note or a callout text box that doesn't require coding knowledge to implement. Another feature request is to al...

  • Find and replace

    It seems off that there's no 'find and replace' feature in Zendesk Guide. The editor is very limited in terms of what it can do, is this on the roadmap?

  • Image IDs

    I've found out the hard way that if you upload an image into an article, then decide to copy and paste the image into a different article, the article preview shows the image successfully inserted,...

  • Identify links

    It would be great to have a central management area for links. The issue I'm experiencing is remembering where I've placed links to other articles, meaning if I rename or archive an article, I need...