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  • ZIS - ticket.CustomFieldChanged

    Hello    I want to use this function:  ticket.CustomFieldChanged   But I don't know where and how I put the ID of the ticket field my ZIS need to scan. How can I do that?  

  • ZIS Integration

    Hello,   Est ce que quelqu'un a déjà utiliser la modification d'un champs de ticket personnalisé pour activer un package ZIS? En gros je veux que si l'agent choisi le champs de ticket B dans un men...

  • Messaging - Translation and more intuitive usage.

    Hello, Is it possible to : - Translate Field Name un end user langage?  - Let the end user put is name into text field directly? It's quite confusing for some of our end user to have two text field...

  • Merging Users Easily

    Hello, We have some Zendesk Instance connected to other chat solutions (I know it's bad, but it's my customers choices). When ticket is created, requester is visitorXXXXXX. Our agents change this b...

  • SMTP Tracing

    Hello,   For one of our customer, we have after a call to send a mail to confirm that all is ok. Sometimes, we saw that the mail address provided is not good (due to wrong understanding, wrong typi...

  • Tickets and Views

    Hello,  Some of my customers use Zendesk to handle their channels. In some cases we meet some issues because of view settings issues. In other world, sometimes my customer are "angry" of some ticke...

  • Use Description or comment to update Custom Fiels

    Hello,   Does somebody can help me?  I receive in my Zendesk some mails from an external bot. I don't have hand on this bot integration development.  The bot send me message containing this : Nom :...

  • Password for End Users

    Hello, Is it possible to create an option to set EndUser Password complexity on Custom as it is available for Team Members? Thanks

  • Custom Fields and Date

    Hello,    Is it possible to choose date format in Customs Fields? Some of my customer want to put Date in this format: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm. How I can do that (note that this date will need to be used ...

  • SMTP Relay

    Hello,    As a BPO, we are creating a lot of instances for our customers. Many of them doesn't want to modify their DNS Policies, and ask us to use their SMTP as Relay. Can you please tell me if th...