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  • How to recreate the Insights CSAT dashboard in Explore

    The Goal It can be really satisfying (ha) to see all of your CSAT ratings with clear visual indicators for good and bad CSAT in the Reporting section of your instance. As Insights will be removed i...

  • Custom Role needs to be able to hard delete End User Profiles for GDPR compliance

      I have a Custom Role for my agents that allows them to "Add, edit, and delete" users in our instance (see screenshot). This is needed, because we have to delete users that request to have the...

  • Subtotal calculation based on Metric

    I have a lot of queries that display both counts and percentages in a table. I would love to be able to select a subtotal measurement based on the metric. That way I can show an Average for the per...

  • Porting Calculated Metrics and Attributes

    It would be really helpful to have Calculated Metrics and Attributes in a space that makes them easy to copy into a new dataset. Right now, I clone a query into a new dataset and then have to recre...

  • Custom Subtotals


    Hi all, I have a stakeholder requesting for the following: Quarter Month 1: done Month 2: done Subtotal for completed months only Month 3: In progress Running Subtotal I am unable to find a way t...

  • Tab Font Size


    Hello all,  We noticed that when cloning Zendesk default dashboards, there's no way to change the font size in the tab. So if you add a new tab, it's in the default size, which is approximately 50%...

  • Allow Chart Formatting for Total and Subtotal when Metrics are on a Row

    Hi! I often add my metrics to a row and then hide it so I don't get the same thing repeated across columns, since the title of my dashboard contains the metric. Unfortunately, this also breaks the ...

  • Sorting Dashboards

    Would it be possible to add the option to sort Dashboard alphabetically? Right now they sort by most recently updated which is less then ideal when I need to make a large update to many boards. The...

  • Suggestion: Make error messages copy-able

    Hi folks! there have been a few times I tried to copy an error and paste it into an email to support, but they are sadly not available for copying. For now I'm either retyping or taking a screenshot. 

  • Suggestion: Allow "disable" for scheduled delivery

    It would be really helpful to be able to disable/re-enable delivery schedules on a report. Right now you can only save or delete. I have found that, particularly when I'm doing testing to make sure...