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  • Banned Countires


    In the new chat, I want to ensure Blacklisted countries are adhered to.  Doesn't seem to work in this EAP.

  • Operating Hours - adhere to them even if agent signed in


    We have our operating hours set to weekdays.  However at the weekend we had a chat come through because agents were signed in on their cell phones. Chatting with Brenda on live support just now men...

  • Azure Web App Bots

    Can Zendesk integrate with an Azure App Bot?  If I use qnamaker.ai and then link to the Web App Bot, can I link it to the Zendesk Chat. Probably a direct line integration https://docs.microsoft.com...

  • Stop auto refreshing of pages "visited" with Chrome


    When someone is browsing the site in Chrome and then opens multiple tabs, after a few minutes we have someone who has "visited" 100+ pages per minute, which is putting out stats way out.  It also m...