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  • Apps for "organizations"

    Hey team,    I see in my org view that I can install some apps, but the apps I would think that would show up here do not... so... what apps do work here for you all?

  • Help With Custom Homepage

    Hey community!   We have this awesome design on our Help Center where when you hover over a category, it shows the category description.    https://cl.ly/ab9f9cd08ed9 The only problem is that it st...

  • Auto-assign agents


    Hey community!   Question for you-    My team uses a shared support model. Agents can pick up tickets from other agents at anytime. This works really well for us and it is not something we will cha...

  • Forwarding emails from internal


    Hey guys! Looking for some assistance or suggestions.    We have a small core support group in Zendesk as we do not need the rest of the CS organization in there (Account Managers, Ops). However, t...

  • Statuspage.io Integration


     Does anyone have instructions on how I can put a real statuspage icon or something into our Help Center so we show the current status? I have a link that people can click on now, but would like mo...

  • Guide: Only show Description when hovering?


    Anyone know how to achieve this?   Essentially, when people hover over our categories on the home page, I want the description of the category to show. Not when it is idle. Any idea how to accompli...