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  • Live data filtering

    Having just gotten access to the live data in Explore I am looking for some filtering tips. For some reason Zendesk seems to have chosen to limit the filtering to only single choice for live data, ...

  • Chat transfers not displaying in query

    I am trying to count transferred chats in a query, which should be simple enough using the Transferred chats or Transfers metrics. However, while testing for this the transfers do not appear to be ...

  • Report on shifts spread across 2 days

    Basically I have two night shifts that are creating an issue for generating decent shift reports. The shifts we have are spread across two sites, and look as follows: 06:00-14:0008:00-16:0014:00-22...

  • Report on shifts overlapping days

    I was looking at the recipe posted here in order to modify it for our use, but I am running in to an issue due to our shifts setup. Basically I have two night shifts that is creating an issue for g...

  • Finding who set a ticket tag

    I'm trying to set up a query to see who set a specific tag on a ticket. I have been doing other custom update metrics, but this one seems to always return a result of 0, despite that I can find the...

  • Exclude updates other than comments

    I have a quite basic query where I want to display the number of ticket comments added by agents on specific dates for tickets on e-mail and web channels. I use the Support: Ticket updates dataset ...

  • Tracking ticket assigns across groups problem

    I've been looking at the recipe that was provided by Zendesk, but cannot get the results to display correctly when having to use more than one Group ID for previous value. At the moment I am trying...