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  • Slack integration for high and urgent tickets

    Is it possible to have a slack integration for just high and urgent tickets? I currently have the integration set for all general ones, but in the case that it needs to be escalated to other team m...

  • How to handle longer escalated tickets?

    Hello All! I'm looking for some recommendations or tips on handling longer, escalated tickets. Right now, we currently use JIRA and are trying to find a way to keep the customer updated on some tic...

  • How to "Archive" an Organization?

    I have a question on how to "Archive" an organization. The use case would be when a client churns, we want to keep the history of the tickets and organization but we don't want to message clients t...

  • Community topic in normal help center


    Is it possible to just not have a community section, but use the community format of an article? Right now, the only real use case we have for the community is to use it for product suggestions. Ho...