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  • Make Zendesk more Organisation focused

    Zendesk seems to be more people focused than organization focused. Organizations/Sites are important to us and being able to link people to sites/organizations is critical to the way we work. Since...

  • If we were going to go with ZenDesk talk, we would need a dedicated PC/Mobile app

    The only way we would considder ZenDesk talk would be if you offered a dedicated Mobile and PC app. We need to be able to answer/make calls without out laptop's on or logged into a browser. Sometim...

  • Organisations with multiple locations

    Hi, We have several customers (organisations) that have multiple locations, Zendesk as far as i can tell cannot deal with this. For examaple: --Microsoft-- New York Seattle London   --Vmware-- Dubl...

  • Reporting Features

    Hi, We are a small IT company offering support to SMB's. Some of our customers request reports for calls generated for them over the last 1/12 months. We are on the Teams package, which does everyt...