Why isn't my profile picture updating correctly?

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  • Rachel M
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    Hi Claire, thanks for this post! 

    The issue I'm running into with this is that some browser security plugins block Gravatar all together. As a result, when agents or users visit our help center, they see this at the top of the window where the profile icon would be:

    The ability to disable Gravatar all together would be great, especially for agents who are unlikely to have a public gravatar image associated with their company's internal email address. Or if it was an admin setting to choose where to source a profile photo from, or disable them all together so there's not a sea of grey encircled placeholder people.

    It also seems like a potential safety issue – "they may have unknowingly signed up to this " – where someone might not be aware that a photo of their face might be being shared with all of the users they interact with. Our use of Zendesk isn't external, so that's I'm not as worried about this for us. Just a general privacy concern.

    Appreciative of any thoughts or suggestions you have!

    Thanks again!


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