How can I download all attachments in a ticket? Follow


Is it possible to download all ticket attachments in Zendesk Support?


Zendesk Support does not yet have functionality built in to download or export all or only attachments natively.

This should be possible using the Zendesk API, but the process is somewhat involved:

  1. For an individual ticket:
    Attachment URLs can be found within:

    Each comment will have an attachments array attribute, which will contain links to any attachment included in that comment. To get the file associated with it, you'd need to download the file linked at the content_url attribute.

  2. For all tickets:  
    Accounts with access to exports should be able to perform a JSON export of tickets, which will contain links to the various attachments as:

    In order to download the attachments associated with each link, you'll need to perform a GET request to that endpoint, and download the file linked at the aforementioned content_url attribute.

    Note: The same attachment links will show up in the JSON export associated with user-photos. If that user has been deleted or subsequently changed their photo, those links will fail to return files.
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