When trying to add my Facebook page it says I am not an Administrator Follow


When trying to add your Facebook page that you are an administrator of to your Zendesk account you are given a message that says you do not administrate any pages.


To resolve this issue you will need to do a full reauthorization. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the upside down triangle from your Facebook page. You will then want to click on Settings:


  2. From there, click on Apps on the left side of the screen:


  3. Next, locate the Zendesk app and then click on the X to remove the application:

  4. Once you have removed the Zendesk Support application from your profile, go back into Support and click on Add pages in the Facebook settings.

    When you are prompted to install the Zendesk application you will want to select the affirmative on each section (saying no to any of the permissions will prevent the application from installing properly). You should then be able to pull in your Facebook pages.
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