How do we alert end-users that our office is going to be closed for a few days? Follow


Are there any ways for Team plans that don't have access to schedules to alert end-users submitting tickets that the team handling requests has gotten their ticket, but will be out on holiday or unable to respond for a number of days?


As previously mentioned, accounts on a Professional or Enterprise plan can set up a schedule with business hours and even holidays. This document outlines how you can adjust your Notify requester triggers to reflect when your team is in or out of the office and available:

Setting your schedule with business hours and holidays (Professional and Enterprise)

For Team plans that do not have access to schedules, you can create a holiday trigger to temporarily replace your typical Notify Requester of Received Request for the duration of time in which your team will be unavailable.

Important: There is no way to automate the replacement of this trigger. An admin of the account will have to manually activate and deactivate these triggers at the end of the day when your office closes and first thing in the morning when your office reopens after the holiday.

To create the trigger:

  1. Go to Admin > Business Rules > Triggers
  2. Clone your trigger for Notify Requester of Received Request (or equivalent)
  3. Modify the text of the email
  4. Mark as inactive until you are done for the day
  5. At the end of the day, activate the holiday trigger and deactivate the normal notification so your end-users aren't spammed with multiple notifications
  6. First thing in the morning when your office reopens again, deactivate your holiday trigger and reactivate your normal trigger to Notify Requester of Received Request.

Quick tip: Set a reminder in your calendar or leave a note on your desk to update your triggers once you get back!

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