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    Johann Loibl

    Hey guys, 2 things I noticed.

    1. When you report on IVR destination groups and # of inbound calls, the groups do not allocate callback requests in Insights which makes it a bit hard to report on as you can imagine. Could that be fixed please?

    2. Call wait time abandoned calls metrics as setup by you is a bit skewed because it doesn't take into consideration if customers hang up in the IVR, as it allocates a 0 secs to those calls where it should count the time customers stayed in the IVR before they hung up. Maybe more a philosophical question but just thought I'd point it out.



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    Nicole Korp

    Hi Johann,

    Thank you for commenting here! I just wanted to update you that we recently released a fix for the first issue you called out, so you should no longer have difficulty reporting on this.

    For the second point you called out, right now the expected behavior is that calls abandoned prior to the greeting ending will have a zero second wait time. We appreciate your feedback on that logic and understand that having the full time spent on the phone can be useful.


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