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Understanding how your content is performing is part of maintaining effective and relevant knowledge in your Help Center. One way to do that is to understand whether your articles are helpful in solving your visitors’ issues.

Today, we are launching a new feature in Help Center that enables you to get more votes on your articles so you can make better content decisions. Visitors to your Help Center will no longer have to sign in to vote on an article’s helpfulness. This helps you collect more feedback from users as they would no longer have to go through the effort to create an account or sign in first.

You can enable the feature in your Help Center by going to General > Help Center settings and enabling Anonymous voting on articles.


With anonymous voting turned on, we will not record any user data for users who have not signed in. This does increase the risk of fraudulent votes, but we have put measures in place to combat this. While we cannot reveal these prevention measures, as they would make it easier for ill-intentioned people to circumvent them, we are continuously monitoring and improving them to ensure fraudulent votes have as little impact on your content as possible.

Do you want to try it out? If you’re not logged in, click the thumbs up next to Was this article helpful? below.

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    This is great! I am so glad this feature has come in. I have enabled it in my Help Center settings but I am not yet seeing it in my articles. Is there any code I need to ensure is in my design? 

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    Hi Jamie,

    The feature only enables the ability for end-users to vote. You still need to display vote buttons. The vote buttons are part of a standard theme in Help Center, so if you don't see them you might have removed them from your theme.

     The code needed can vary from theme to theme, but this is the code as it looks in the standard Copenhagen theme:

     <div class="comment-actions-container">
    <div class="comment-vote vote" role='radiogroup'>
    {{vote 'up' role='radio' class='vote-up' selected_class='vote-voted'}}
    {{vote 'sum' class='vote-sum'}}
    {{vote 'down' role='radio' class='vote-down' selected_class='vote-voted'}}
    <div class="comment-actions actions">
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    Thanks @Christian. That's really helpful and I am up and running now. Thanks again for this feature. 

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    Very much needed feature, nice job Christian and team!

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    I was wondering whether anyone would be able to help me trigger an action from this? Would it be possible if someone clicked "No" that we can ask them to send an email or send a response to why it was not helpful. That would give better insights if the article is not hitting the mark.

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    Hi Jamie,

    I don't know if this is something you could do in your custom theme, but we are looking into adding this natively. We do know that the votes themselves might not give you the entire context, but we wanted to start out by allowing more people to vote. We'll then look into adding some sort of reasoning to that vote, but I can't yet say when we would get around to building it.

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