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Your Help Center articles are valuable assets. Great articles can reduce ticket volume by answering customers’ questions effectively, decrease resolution times, and minimize the time it takes to onboard new agents. If an article is deleted by mistake, it can have significant impact on your business.

That’s why we are announcing a new archiving feature for articles in Help Center that ensures that articles can’t be deleted, but are archived instead, so they can be restored again if necessary.

Archiving replaces the delete functionality, which means you can always find a list of your archived articles. There is no limit to how many archived articles you can have and you can see articles that were deleted/archived dating back to August 20.

It will roll out to individual accounts over the coming days, so if you can't see the functionality yet, hang tight!

Archive, don’t delete

When editing an article, click the Archive article button to archive the article. This removes the article from your Help Center, similar to the previous delete functionality.


If you delete an entire category or section, any articles contained within it will be automatically archived.

For information on archiving articles, see Archiving an article to remove it from your knowledge base.

Restore archived articles

Any archived article is accessible to Help Center Managers from Articles > Manage content by clicking the Archived articles list in the sidebar.

Here, you can find all your archived articles. If you want to find a specific article, use the search and filters located at the top.


Clicking an article shows you the article in a read-only mode, where you can restore the article. The article will be automatically restored into the section where it was previously located. If the section no longer exists, you will be prompted to select a new section.


For information on viewing your archived articles list and restoring articles, see Viewing and restoring archived articles.

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    Wow, this is a very good addition to the Help Center!


    What will happen if someone deletes important information within an article? Is version management of articles on the road map?

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    @Wouter: Yes :)

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    Hi - this looks like a great feature, and we look forward to the version management feature to be added.

    I have a question - so to clarify, there would be no way to actually "delete" an article from archives as well?

  • 0

    Hi Ali,

    That is correct. You cannot at this stage delete articles from the archive. Note that the archive is only available to Help Center Managers.

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    Thanks, Christian. FWIW, versioning will be (quite literally) 1000x more useful to us.

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    How to disable the Delete option from the Help Center articles?

    Edited by Roshni Champati
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    Hi Roshni,

    It's not currently possible to disable the Archive (previously delete) feature in Help Center articles.

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    Hi, this article archive feature is a big help to avoid inadvertent deletion of articles, and to allow for another way to archive articles besides making them "drafts."

    However, I noticed that the delete button is still present for the section and category, which would allow for the mass deletion of many articles at once. Is there a plan to change over these delete buttons to archive as well? Soon I hope?


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    Hi Sally,

    Glad you like the new feature.

    When deleting a category or section any articles contained in it will be archived, so no articles will be lost. The category/section specifically is lost though, but we are working on ways for you to see what categories and sections were deleted so you can recreate them.

    We are also working towards a world where deleting a category/section won't delete the articles itself.

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    Please enable both the options to delete and archive. Sometimes you truly do want to delete an article.

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    +1 for Karis' suggestion. I have a bunch of tests and incomplete articles to sort through in my archive now!

  • 0

    Hi Karis and Zac,

    It would be great if one of you could add that as a new feature request in our community under Product Feedback, so others can vote on it. That helps us to understand the need compared to other features.


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