ZAF v2 - How to resize your top bar app using the popover API Follow


This tech note shows you how to resize a top bar app in ZAF v2 using the popover API.


  • You have a ZAF v2 app in the top_bar location
  • You'd like to resize the app in response to a particular event


To resize a top bar app after the ZAFClient initializes:

  1. Open your app's iframe.html file in your text editor of choice.

  2. Find the line that initializes the client object (defined by the var client = ZAFClient.init(); variable assignment).

  3. On the line that follows it, insert the following snippet:

    client.invoke('popover', { 
      width: ###,
      height: ###
  4. Set width and height to the pixel size you want.


  • Placing the snippet immediately after the ZAFClient.init(); event resizes the app as soon as the user clicks the top bar app. However, you can also assign the client.invoke() method to a function to activate it for a different event, such as an AJAX request, a click event, and so on.

  • Percent ('%') values are not supported for height and width.

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