What did you do last year? Share a tip, get double swag in January! Follow

So what did you do in Zendesk Support in 2016? Tell us in a tip! Did you implement a new, efficient workflow? Did you find a technical solution that made life easier? Did you discover some best practices? 

Share your tip, and get one of our newly branded t-shirts and mugs. That's right--double swag! Limited to the month of January, so act fast.


Just complete these steps:

  1. Share a tip in Tips & Tricks about something you set up in Zendesk Support or best practices you learned for managing Zendesk Support last year.

    You must include details, steps, and screenshots so that other users can implement it or learn from it. If you don't provide enough info, we won't be able to give you swag.

  2. Email us at community@zendesk.com and ask for your swag! If you don't email us, you won't get your swag.

  3. Get your Zendesk t-shirt and mug and enjoy! We'll send you links to claim your swag. We don't need your mailing address.



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