Can a Zendesk Talk IVR menu be used to route calls after hours?

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  • Josh

    Will this eventually be built in?

  • Ray Roth
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Josh,

    At this time we do not have any plans to build this feature out. If you would like to see this feature in Zendesk we highly encourage posting in the Product Feedback forum as our product managers are always looking there for new feature ideas. I did not see a post about this currently so this would be a great one to start. 

  • Emilie AUFRERE

    You write that it is possible to write a script to change our settings. Have you got an exemple to do that ? Or a link to the api that explain the process ?
    Thank you for advance for your response.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Emilie!

    I'm afraid I'm not sure what script you're referring to...I don't see any reference to it in this article. If you can give me some more information on what you're trying to do, I can get you pointed in the right direction!

  • Stellar Labs

    @Emilie we were able to get around this with a custom script and google calendar. Script searches the G Cal for available agent and activates talk. Wasn't too difficult and the API documentation is pretty good.

  • Jamie Danjoint


    If you use a schedule and apply it to a number, during non-business hours it'll go straight to voicemail. I understand how to update the greeting for the non-business hours voicemail, but I don't understand how to provide the option to "press 3" (for example) for the call to route to another number. 

    This feels like a huge gap in IVR functionality to not have the ability to easily forward to another number during non-business hours. We rely on this, as we partner with an answering service that our clients can talk to for critical and down issues when we're closed. 

    Please help!


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Jamie!

    I'm not 100% sure of the answer here, so I'm going to see about getting someone in here to help you out. Stand by!

  • Keith @ Zendesk

    Hey Jamie,

    Here's the work around we have that should work for your situation:

    Talk about your business hours in your IVR greeting: This is by far the simplest workaround. You can update your greeting to include a message about your business hours, indicating something to the effect of, "Our normal business hours are 8-5, if you're calling outside this timeframe and need immediate assistance, please press 3". From there, you can have that number route to a different number or forward the call to an external number. Below are some resources to assist with setting this up:

    Hope that helps!

  • Jamie Danjoint

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the follow up. The issue is that work around requires you to remove your schedule from the phone number settings.

    If you apply a schedule to a phone number, during non-business hours calls go straight to voicemail and Routing can’t be added. Essentially, I’d like to the ability to apply a schedule to the phone number and when calls come in during non-business hours provide the customer an option to press 1 to leave a vm or press 3 if they have a critical/down issue and need after hours Support (this will forward to another number).

    I hope this makes sense. :)


  • Sergio Da Silva

    This would be a great addition. We are looking to move to Zendesk talk and away from Ring Central, but this may be a dealbreaker as there is no way to route callers to an out of hours call schedule. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi all - 

    Product managers do not subscribe to the comments section on Knowledge Base Articles. If you have product feedback, please share it in the Product Feedback topic in the Community, which they do read. 

    As a reminder, all posts are subject to the Community Guidelines

  • Bob Duker

    Cludgy, but workable solution:  You can actually do this now, but it requires a bit of manual intervention, and paying for an extra seat.

    Disable Talk business hours so that your agents answer 24/7

    Create an "After Hours" agent and configure that agent's "agent forwarding" to the desired external phone number.  This cannot be a toll free number, since toll free number forwarding is blocked.

    Log in as this new agent once, and set the status to "Online: Phone."

    From the Talk dashboard; change this new agent to unavailable

    End of shift:  Manually forces all agents to unavailable at the end of your business hours and then change the new agent to "Available: Phone"  --Since this agent will be active; all inbound calls will be immediately forwarded to the external number after hours.

    Start of shift:  Change the "After Hours" agent to unavailable.




  • Michelle Jaw

    Hi @Bob - Thanks for sharing this workaround! In this case, the external phone number doesn't need to install Zendesk, correct? We want to route it to an external call service when none of our agents/staff is available, but they don't use Zendesk.

  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Michelle, 

    The external phone number doesn't need to install Zendesk in this scenario which you and Bob are discussing above. Hope this helps. :)




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