Can I get a refund for my cancelled subscription? Follow



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    Arkadiy B

    I just wanted to mention, that zendesk removes all comments under this question.

    They have a strict no-refund policy. 

    If you come here to get a refund, I would recommend not wasting your time and just go directly to your bank and request a chargeback.


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    Nicole - Community Manager (Edited )

    Hey Arkadiy - 

    We remove comments requesting a refund because we are unable to handle billing issues in the community. Billing issues require getting your account information, which it would be a really bad idea to handle in a public forum. If you have a billing issue, you must contact

    That being said, when we do remove comments, it is usually to protect your sensitive information. We will always comment to let a user know that we're removing the comment before doing so. 

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