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I have agent forwarding enabled. When I forward an email to my support address with my agent email, it does not retain the original requester's email address. Why doesn't agent forwarding retain the original requester?


When forwarding the email to your support address, the bit of text indicating the message was forwarded was removed by your email client.

This "forwarding" indication looks like this:
---------Forwarded Message---------
To + From email address content

The email address that should have been identified under the Forwarded Message content was removed, so it only shows a name, rather than an email address that would have been set as the ticket requester.

In order for the mail forwarding to work while retaining the original sender as the requester, there are a few additional conditions required:

  1. Enable "Email forwarding" under "Settings > Agents"
  2. Make sure an agent's email is forwarding the email into your Zendesk
  3. The subject line of the email includes "fw" or "fwd" (to indicate a forward mail)
  4. Within the body text, the "from" and the email Address of the original requester must be on the same line. A name alone is not sufficient.

With these four conditions satisfied, an agent can then manually forward emails they receive in their inbox into your Zendesk, while retaining the original requester.

If this is a problem with your existing email client stripping the essential information you need to include, you may need to utilize our Mail API to update ticket fields from your inbox as a work around.

To test if this is a problem with your email client, you can temporarily change your agent email address to a personal email address that may be using a different mail client, forward in an example email, and see if the original requester is retained using the new email client.

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