Does Zendesk offer an embeddable contact form?

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  • Phil

    For any other WordPress peeps out there, you may wish to try

  • Katie Swick

    UGGGGG -- I have been struggling w/ adding a form via the HTML editor in Guide for DAYS now. 

    It worked at first, fields and submit all worked. Then BOOM -- the <form> code is mysteriously stripped from the article/HTML editor. --> This was not done by a human. I saved the article, someone else looked and tested the form. When I went back the next day, then the <form> codes are gone.

    I did ensure that "Allow Unsafe Content" was checked "yes" ... as I read that that option could disallow the forms.

    I redo the entire form in the Guide HTML editor, when I click OK - it disappears again (all other html stays in place). 

    I create the form in DW, making sure my tags, et al are perfect. Paste the html into the Guide HTML editor, and it STILL strips out only the form code as soon as I click OK. It's there when I paste, but gone after "saving". 

    I MUST get this to work - can anyone help? Please?

  • Becca
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Katie - 

    Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with adding a form into an article. I gave this a try grabbing some existing form code from Bootstrap. I pasted the code into the article source code and saved the article. The form was added to the article without any issues. 

    Can you confirm you are adding your HTML in the Source Code editor? 


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