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    Norm Baker

    When will access to multiple phone numbers be available via the REST API and/or the Cloud Bees Java Client API?

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    Klara Audren

    Hello Norm,

    You can add multiple phone numbers to a user, by using the "identities", your API call should therefore look something like:

    curl -v -u {email_address}:{password} https://{subdomain} \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"user": {"name": "Roger Wilco", "identities": [{ "type": "phone", "value": ""}, {"type": "twitter", "value": "tester84" }]}}'

    In regards to the Java API client, unfortunalty we are unable to provide a response to that as this library is built by a third party and therefore we do not update it. I would recommend that you reach out to the via the Github repo:

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    IT Unsworth

    I'm on a talk lite plan with 1 agent and it doesn't allow me to add another number it states.

    'to add another phone number to your account, you must upgrade to a higher Zendesk plan.'



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    Caroline Kello

    Hello IT Unsworth,

    Just wanted to add a bit of context; the multiple phone numbers in this post is around having multiple direct lines (phone numbers) added in a user profile. Adding multiple Zendesk Talk numbers is something slightly different and is reserved for higher Zendesk plans. 

    Hope this helps! Caroline

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