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    Zachary Henderson

    This is very frustrating. The support app is garbage and barely works. The older app is superior and actually allows me to handle my work on the go. 

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    Travis Abdelhamed

    @Zachary - I second that! The UI is terrible and extremely not intuitive. The old app was way better.

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    Chris Muench

    Agree. The new app is awful and is hard to work with. I am not saying that because I hate change; but it is just poorly designed and terrible.

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    Ryan Carlson

    Sorry to say it, but I have to agree here.  I downloaded the new app, tried to use it, and ended up resorting back to the old one.  We deprecate software in our business so definitely understand the predicament and trying to get clients to adapt to new things, but this certainly frustrating.

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    Zendesk don't like listening to their customers it seems.  (see a request for scheduled tasks that has been mentioned by paying customers since around 2009)

    The older app works.  The newer one doesn't. 

    Zendesk MUST be aware of this as its been mentioned elsewhere.  Fix the new app first and then remove the older one.  

    Mobile support is key to a lot of businesses so they need to get this right.  



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    I just signed up for my Zendesk account to post my criticism of the new support app.  I get what Zendesk is trying to do, but the UI is neither intuitive, nor efficient.

    I tried the new support app and reverted back to the previous Zendesk app.  By removing the old Zendesk app, mobile use will not be an option until the new app is fixed (like another UI redesign).

    Functionality may exist in the new app, but when it takes twice as long or twice as many clicks / steps, Zendesk is doing something wrong.


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    Evan James (Edited )

    Please reconsider deprecation of the iOS app until the new iOS app is stabilized.

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    Lisa Cali

    We understand your concerns and please know that we are actively making improvements to the new mobile experience. You can expect to see a lot of changes in the coming 90 days prior to deprecation of the old app.

    Please use the in-app feedback if you're experiencing specific issues to ensure they are prioritized accordingly.

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    Ari Kangas

    I've tried to use the new app a few times. Always went back to the old one to get at least something done. If I end up without mobile app because of this I'll just have to take my business elsewhere, that's a feature I'm not prepared to live without. The support app is very, VERY confusing. 

    Whatever changes are supposed to be coming, they need to be there in time so we can make sure our agents can actually use the app. We've no time to try to learn it while supporting our clients. I'm getting very worried right now.

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    Mathew Cropper

    Hi Ari. Thanks for the feedback. Could you elaborate a little on the things you're struggling to do with the new app?

    I know that moving from one interface a brand new one can be a little jarring at first, so if I can help with discovering the new app's features, I'm happy to do so. If there is anything missing, I can take that specific feedback on board.

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    Preston Van Loon

    This is horrible news. We will be migrating to another platform as soon as possible. The new mobile app is unusable. 

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    Ariel Hart

    The initial launch and lock out of the Support app failed and access to the existing Zendesk app had to be restored.

    With the lack of implementation of bulk editing of ticket's properties, applying macros or leaving comments on mobile app (and no plans to implement it as a feature) my team will not be able to keep up with ticket flow.

    On the website ( there's a flashy statement of: 

    Great customer support is tied to the customer—not a desk. Zendesk’s native mobile apps are built for team leaders, agents, and those rolling stones who don’t take “help desk” literally.

    This link directs to the old app and does not  seem to be reflected in the "new" apps feature set.

    Please Zendesk come to grips with customer needs and stop forcing the Support app.


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    Mathew Cropper

    Hi Ariel. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

    I'm sorry that the new app doesn't yet fully meet your needs. We're adding in features for better view management and improving the composition experience (including @ mentions) at the moment, but we don't have any immediate plans for bulk ticket updates.

    If bulk editing tickets is a core part of your workflow, this is still something you can achieve on the web by signing into the agent interface of your Support account. I'm sure you're already aware of that, but just in case others come across this thread and are not sure, there's information on bulk ticket updates in the Managing tickets in bulk article.

    When the old Zendesk app is decommissioned next week, bulk updates to tickets will only be possible on the web in your browser.

    I have recorded your feedback, and it's something I'll consider in future. If you'd like me to keep your details and reach out to you if we decide to make changes to the apps to support bulk updates, let me know. I'll make sure I do that.

    Regarding the App Store and Play Store links on the page you referenced, I just checked and they seem to direct to the correct apps for me. The feature summary seems correct as well. If there is somewhere that's directing you to the old app, or that has an incorrect list of features, do let me know and I'll make sure that gets fixed.

    I'd like to say that I'm sorry that this isn't the response you were probably hoping for. I appreciate that you took the time to share this feedback, and I know that you wouldn't have done so if it wasn't important to you. It's never our wish to disappoint the people who use our products, and I'm sorry if on this occasion I have done so.

    If you'd like to discuss this further, let me know here or feel free to create a ticket at and ask for it to be assigned to me. I'm more than happy to follow up further with you.

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    Angela Kung Shulman


    I am a huge fan of Zendesk but have been extremely unhappy with the mobile team's work.  I have submitted the following feedback multiple times, but I am doing so again.

    Could you please reinstate the old Zendesk app until the new app is overhauled?

    The old Zendesk app was intuitive, easy to use, and had a great UX experience.  The new one is poorly designed at its core and is making things very difficult for our team.





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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Angela!

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. I see that Mathew has also reached out to you in a ticket. Let us know if you need anything else!

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    Colin McFadden

    Any plans to show the result of macro execution like the old app? They're useless to me at the moment.

    Any plans for usable copy and paste?

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    Mathew Cropper

    Hi Colin. Thanks for the feedback!

    I'll open up a ticket so that we can chat, but for those following along on this thread, a couple of initial thoughts:

    • We're planning to update macros to replace dynamic content placeholders with the values they represent.
    • We will look into copying text on iOS to make it more useful. A few people have let us know that copying the entire text block isn't the most useful.

    I don't have a release date for those features, but they're things we're thinking about at the moment.

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    Nick Sears

    Just a +1 on Colin's macro request. This is a critical feature for us. Replacement after submitting is totally unacceptable. The most common substitution is the customer's name and it's very common that it needs tweaked. Because of the way the sender formats it, the system often picks a last name, a name in all caps (it would actually be nice if this was automatically fixed), or otherwise incorrect. Some people find it quite offensive if you can't even bother to get their name right.

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    Humberto Villarreal-Salas

    🙏🏼Please please please, something that really works on iPad.... I''m begging you... 


    Just let us use the Safari or Chrome as in the desktop... please please....

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