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    Serge Baranov

    It's really disappointing. Most of our support engineers and customers do know how to use Markdown and prefer it to the rich text editor.

    Using Markdown you can write answers without touching the mouse and you can also use third-party text template tools to insert Markdown fragments with links, images, lists, etc.

    With the rich text editor we'll no longer be able to use our huge collection of templates via the external tools (we use them because we reply and provide support not only via ZenDesk).

    This will make our support engineers less productive. Please reconsider and leave the option to use plain text editor with Markdown support.

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    Jonathan March


    Please comment on state and timeline of the transition from markdown to HTLML in triggers, automations, macros, dynamic content, and any other text entry locations.


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    Mayra Pacheco

    Hi Serge and Jonathan,

    Sorry for scaring you. To be clear: Markdown is going to still be available. There is no change to this editor option. It will still be available for your agents to use. 

    Plain text is an editor option separate from markdown. This is the option with no longer be available except in the case of tickets coming from channels like Twitter and Facebook, which don't accept any formatting.

    One of the mains reasons for removing Plain Text is that both Markdown and Rich Text are much richer experiences. Having the three options has led to a lot of confusion about what each editor option does. Let me know if you have any questions about the Plain Text editor deprecation.


    tl;dr: Markdown is not going away.



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    Jonathan March

    Thanks for the clarification, Mayra. I didn't even know that a non-markdown plain text editor existed! Breathing more calmly again...

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    Hopefully there are plans to make the Rich Text Editor richer, especially within Help Center?

    The ability to format articles is extremely limited, you can't even change font without using the Plain Text Editor and inserting HTML, which is extremely laborious.

    We are considering moving all our documentation to Confluence.

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    Matic Pipan

    How does this impact macro usage in the Support phone app? The plain-text editor for macros is the only way that enables you to use macros via phone app.


    Thanks and regards,



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    Mayra Pacheco

    Hi Matic,

    This will not change how your phone app works. We're sunsetting the Plain Text option as a default for the desktop experience. Editors will still work in plain text when there are restrictions in place because that experience cannot use rich text. Examples:

    • Facebook replies
    • Twitter replies
    • Mobile App replies

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