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To replace an agent with another agent, demote the current agent to an end-user and then add a new agent. By demoting instead of deleting an agent, you can preserve some information about the agent.

Tip: Check out Casem's support tip for best practices for removing agents.

To remove an agent

  1. Make sure to reassign all the tickets currently assigned to the agent.

    Any tickets assigned to an agent who is removed will become unassigned.

  2. Search for and open the agent's profile page.
  3. Downgrade the agent by selecting End-user as the new Role.
  4. Confirm that you want to downgrade the agent's role.
  5. Update any triggers and automations that auto-assigned tickets to the agent.

If you want to completely remove the agent after the downgrade, use the User options arrow in the upper right on the profile page.

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