Why aren't my tags auto-filling anymore? Follow



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    George Azzopardi

    I did this for a new tag but it is not auto-filling!

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    Shannon Anahata

    Thanks for letting us know, George. I've created a ticket for you so we can look into what might be going wrong for your account. 

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    Philip Kyler

    This morning, all of our tags seem to have disappeared. The only ones listed in the Admin\Tags view are the ones we placed on tickets today. I first noticed this when working on customer requests and the tags we use were not auto-filling in the ticket view. It's as if they all were erased, but I am not sure why.

    Is this a Zendesk database issue? I checked the status dashboards and all seems fine. What action would cause all of our tags to disappear and can we get them back?


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    Christopher Hanson

    Hi Philip,

    I see you already have a ticket with us already. If you have further questions or concerns about this issue please followup there. 

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